The adult services at River Park Hospital admits individuals ages 18 and older and offers two specialized programming tracks. The programming tracks use a variety of integrated treatments to address behavioral, emotional and addictive disorders. Our approach to treatment is philosophically based on the stages of change model.

In providing mental health care, we many times hear the familiar phrase, “If only they wanted to, they would change.” While in some respects that is a true statement, it is yet too simple of an explanation as to why change does not occur. At River Park Hospital we incorporate the Stages of Change model as our entry point into treatment and design patient interventions accordingly.

We believe in each individual’s ability to change. Change is most often an ongoing process rather than something that happens all at once. Our goal is to help guide the patient through the change process, assisting the patient in leaving old, distressing patterns of thinking and behaving for newer and healthier/life affirming ones. We offer two specialized programming guided by this philosophical approach:

  • Traditional Adult Track is designed to help the individual focus on specific problems and develop solutions to these problems. The therapeutic environment promotes the resolution of conflicts, improves coping skills and encourages personal growth.
  • Chemical Dependency Track assists individuals in understanding addiction and in planning the recovery process. Chemical dependency usually brings a wealth of other problems with it, and patients will learn the necessary tools to empower them on their journey toward recovery. We understand that individuals may be in various stages of detoxification upon admission, and it is also our goal to make this process as medically safe as possible.

For detailed program or referral information, please contact the program director at (304) 526-9367 or send an online inquiry.

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